Your Return

In addition to investing annually in promotional costs to create future demand, develop relationships with future-interest prospects and generate qualified leads, many businesses utilize their sales force to prospect, execute and manage these lead activities through a qualification process to disposition for the sales force.


These pre-sales activities fragment scheduling and can cause sales reps to lose focus on what they do best – SELL, as they invariably conflict with the sales rep’s responsibilities to meet face-to-face with qualified leads, close new business, and service existing customers. Thus, the company’s reality suggests that both lead generation and sales rep productivity can be adversely affected by this loss of focus.


Below is an example comparing the returns that most of our clients experience with their pre-sales investments versus results that can be expected with Athena’s RAMP process.


Current Reality 

2 Campaigns
(3 mo- RAMP)

Promotional Costs $50,000  

Internal Lead Gen Costs (4 reps @ 12 hrs/week)
46 hrs/week * 46 weeks - 2208 hrs across 4 reps
(2208 hrs - 33% * $225k

Total Marketing Costs: $124,250 $25,000
Leads Generated (includes nurtured leads): 550 31

Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)
(Business Reports reports 165 SQL)

78 10
Sales Conversion Rate 50% 50%
Sales Closed 39 5
Sales Revenue (1st Year) $250,000 $175,000
Customer Acquisiton Cost $3,186 $5,000
Cost Per Lead Generated $226 $820
Cost Per Qualified Lead Generated $1,593 $2,500
Sales Cycle Time SQL to Close 2-3 Months 2-3 Months
  Return Current Reality vs RAMP
Sales (From Above) $250,000 $175,000
Less: Mktg Costs (Above) $124,250 $25,000
Less: Cost of Goods Sold @ 60% (40% Gross Margin) $150,000 $105,000

Return on Mktg Costs ($24,250) $45,000