Manufacturing and Distribution

Athena SWC provides an outsourced infrastructure model that focuses on demand generation, lead management, marketing and sales support process services. We work with manufacturing, contract manufacturing and distribution companies that provide various products and services through a broad scope of industry niches. We have experience marketing various OEM and Contract Manufacturing industry offers including:

Our expertise is focused on generating high volumes of qualified leads, compressing sales cycles, developing, managing and nurturing relationships until they are ready to engage in active sales cycles. We have achieved sales success in various environments including: food and beverage, private label, co-packaging and contracting manufacturing, aerospace/defense, plastics/chemicals, telecom and wireless equipment, industrial equipment, sheet metal parts and components, medical equipment distribution, healthcare, medical device and supply, not-for-profit, professional services, law firms, insurance and employee benefits, accounting, finance, school systems, custom brokers, transportation, consumer goods, technology and retail.

Our true competitive differentiation of Athena’s Synchronized Relationship Acquisition and Management Process (RAMP) is our ability to quantify your marketing investments and track those activities back to bottom-line sales throughput.

Issues impeding the advancement of growth

The following represents consistent issues we have identified within manufacturing and distribution environments that drive a need for Athena’s services and process model:

  1. Level to minimal sales growth due to ineffectiveness to steal or grab new market share (gain entry)
  2. Sales teams consist of "farmer” or account management mentality and very little capabilities or process structure to "hunt" new business consistently and keep the sales pipeline filled.
  3. Diminishing customer share and/or slowly eroding margins within current customer accounts driving the need for more new, profitable relationships
  4. Economy is driving these entities to look at their sales and marketing structures in a different way based upon the above-mentioned realities


If any of the above represents your current reality as it relates to growing new sales opportunities, please contact us to discuss how our process solution can assist your growth initiatives.


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